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I don't think I can progress (Atalantum ore)

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I think I have hit a will regarding the game's progression. I found the three, very small, Atalantum Ores near the sideways building. I took that ore, unlocked something, then smelted the rest to get used to the process. Now I have none left to extract (blow up). I don't have a pickaxe capable of gathering the Atalantum. I don't have a miner to extract it either. I have searched, what I feel, the entire map. It does not seem there are any more ores around. If that is the case I think I'm screwed. I need either more ores, an upgraded pickaxe, or the miner 2 (but I need Atalantum Ore to get in the door!).

Please help!

6 Answers

Glad this got resolved, but I feel like either:

1.  There needs to be a few more "obvious" nodes around Victor

2.  Reduce the amount of ores/ingots required to get through all the stuff

3.  Made the "blow-uppable" (lol) part of the nodes larger..

Because this comes up ALL THE TIME, on discord, here, on Reddit.  

forsakenfenix September 15, 2023 5:10 pm

I would add in change the doors into needing Ingots instead of ore,
There is a Thread on Steam, where the guy though he was softed lock, but wasn't
He converted his alantium ore in ingots, and thought he couldn't proceed

barbrady123 September 18, 2023 1:02 pm

Well, he also wasn't soft-locked because there's plenty more ore. But just from a user experience perspective, it seems like they might want to adjust things a bit.

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BTW when I said I feel I explored the entire map, I meant that when I was roaming around looking for the ore I would look at the mini map and the larger map to look for the green ore. I just saw the user map on this website. It looks like the ore is everywhere. I just never saw it on my map. 

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Sorry to keep answering, I don't see an edit option. I found more ore thanks to the map. Not sure if I would have found it otherwise. They are very well hidden, and do not show up on the map until you are within distance. Now I need to get a better axe and miner!

ImperialBudderz July 20, 2023 7:03 pm

@ubistar in not sure of this myself as im at this point right now but i also have the Mining Drill MK2 researched and this may be the way to mine the ore from the atlantum cube that remains in the deposit. If so when i get back to my game i will test it and comment again

Zenacalelith July 20, 2023 9:41 pm

@ubistar Yes the Mining Drill MK2 can mine the atlantum ore.

TrueMinion September 28, 2023 6:01 am

@ubistar But, the map on the website shouldn't be the only way you can find the ore. I wondered myself what if I can't find enough ore to progress because it is too well hidden.

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Well, now that I found more ore I was able to bring it to one of the abandoned stations where I found the Miner 2. Now I'm golden, producing ingots. I jumped the gun with this thread. Like I said, I didn't know there was a map. I spent a lot of time today visiting each known place and I couldn't find any. Good job devs. 


Don't forget what the voice told you. It is always way more fun to blow things up.


Well, I upgraded to Miner II, --the first upgrade in that treebranch where blue cores are needed--but when I put a Miner near the malachite blocks (the ones that appear when you've blasted all the surrounding atalantum ore) the Miner II will not drill into it. What's wrong? I've got more than enough kW. The compass says it's atalantum.

forsakenfenix September 13, 2023 8:17 am

I got to ask, did you run power either with power floors or a hvc and voltage stepper?