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Hello and thank you for your work. I unlocked all research, found all hidden chests; the "USB keys" and even "Excalibur" but I can't unlock "HVC Reach III", I think I found the scan before (maybe too soon).
Thanks to the whole team.

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Hi there! You might want to check this website, it has locations for all the scans! Impressive you've found it all! 


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Indeed, I think I've found everything, I scanned "HVC Reach III" by prospecting everywhere and I think I may have scanned it earlier than the scenario predicts!!! But it could also be a bug.
I am familiar with the site "https://www.techtonica-calculator.com/" I was also inspired by it, but there are faults such as chests that do not exist (or no longer exist) in the version 0.1.0.f


If I remember correctly, hvc reach III, is near the water wheels, semi hidden under a rock by light. If you are coming from Victor it’s just before the building you don’t have to fix the door too.

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Hello and thank you for the reply.
I think I found it in the cave on the right just before the wheels, I even dug a little to be sure, but I really think a bug, which is normal in the version we have.
I will wait and redo a part in version 1.1 which should be released in the coming weeks.
These days I don't play it anymore because I've done everything, I make all the objects in the game, even those we only need one copy of, so I have boxes full of them.
Thank you so much.


I think I can see it, in that Screenshot, It's right next the light on the right side of the screen, kinda under a rock.


It's kinda hidden under a rock, making easy to miss