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How to restore freight elevator operations?

Topic starter

Journal has: Locate a Senior expeditionary Officer to authenticate Freight Elevator for use.

I have power to the terminal, 23,000 KW generated and 21 GJ accumulator charge.

This passed the first repair long ago in the story.

I have fully upgraded Victor terminal

But I still cannot get the freight elevator door to access so that I can get to the FW door.

I get "Facility access door unavailable, restore freight elevator operations to unseal"

But I have found no way to "restore freight elevator operations"  and the only items left in my journal are the one I put at start and the FW-8454 repair, which I need to get through the first door to accomplish.

I even built to the top of the waterfall and tried to mine to get to the top of the elevator, but the walls were protected.

Please provide guidance.


Thanks Michael


1 Answer

It took me a second.

You need Paladin.

I have no idea how you missed his cube, unless you didn't scan the computer to mark ((EB)) on your map. Paladin like Sparks is in a cube, just his is green. His cube is down a shaft under where his dead body is stuck in the chair.



levinma Topic starter September 8, 2023 8:35 pm

@forsakenfenix Thanks. I have found him now. I found that note on another thread. I did scan all the screens, at least I thought I did.
But I know have him and at the freight elevator. The screen says security check but I cannot get it to react. I have tried left click, I tried the E key, I did it with paladin in my hands, with Amanda in my hands and my hands empty.
I disconnected the power and tried it, then I connected power and tried it again.
Still no evidence of activity.

I really appreciate your assistance; I like the game and would like to finish it out.

forsakenfenix September 8, 2023 8:53 pm

Should be the elevator screen (not the door) you need to interact with.