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Handmade vs. Machine crafted

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So I loaded up a machine internally with maximum frames and electronic components for making computers.

I also had enough on hand to make over 240 processors by hand. I made all of them but the assembler was so slow that it is still working on what I gave it. And I had to make several electronic parts before making the computer chip. 280 vs. 162.  And the Assembler can do it twice as fast as me???!!!  Really???!!!

1 Answer

Assemblers produce with 0.25 crafting speed compared to hand-crafting excluding bonuses by Techs or Research Core Clustering. Assembler II with 0.5.

However Assemblers have twice the results from the same input materials which can save quite a substancial amount of material in the long run compared to hand-crafting. And of course you can scale Assemblers by just building more of them you have only one hand-crafting queue.