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Getting threshers emptied is an impossible task

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I had a thresher getting loaded up with silverthorn extract and plant matter. I had two fast inserters throwing everything into storage. 

I finally had to change one to be a filter because the two were only taking the silverthorn extract and the plantmatter piled up stopping the entire "automated" process. This seems rather destructive to the whole automate things approach. But maybe once we have rates shown we can adjust for this??? But for now I frequently have to intervene in my automated process.

2 Answers

Please upvote the 2 suggestions on Filter Stack Inserters.


There is a workaround, but you might not like it.

1) Use Stack Inserters to empty the Trasher on belts unfiltered. You need at least 2 MK2 belts for that.

2) Lead the belts away from the Trasher where you have space.

3) Build either a circle or line for the unfiltered content of the Trasher and build as much Filter-Inserters as you need alongside the unfiltered belt to seperate both.