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Future thoughts

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Just a few thoughts after "completing" the game. I know it's early but just suggestions. 🙂


Plant matter could use a better balance. I can balance everything out except this (besides burning it).  Allowing plant matter to become Plant matter fiber could help balance this. 


Things become too easy instead of more difficult. Just a thought for that, making water pumps that are needed to cool down certain pieces of equipment. This could tie into the water wheels...?

Having to create bots that repair any wear or breakdowns on machinery. 


Cosmetics to create "buildings".  It'd be cool to have a building you could enter and you have your copper drilling inside. It'd basically be wall/floor cosmetics. 


Elevators of some fashion would be cool. 


Changing colored lights on conveyors for sorting. 


Using soil to put terrain back. If you moled too far and don't like it, put the wall back with soil. 


Some form of a trash can. Lol


Absolutely love the game!  I'm very excited to see how it grows. 

1 Answer

0.1.1 (coming next week!) has retooled recipes + metrics for everything! We also have a Base Building update incoming 🙂

Passing along the rest of the feedback, thanks for sharing!