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Core Cluster Bonus - maybe just shelf it for now? Makes no sense with the current logistics limitations

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So, busy week for me, FINALLY got around to checking out the update.  For an "end game" factory (at least end game as it currently is), your changes basically do nothing.  Core Cluster breaks pretty much everything and your changes really didn't matter much.  I suppose a "fresh" game might benefit from a lot of the changes, but once you get to core clustering (which, for some reason, you get to much faster now because you nerfed the already-too-easy tech tree)...things are just weird.

Machines are still WAY, WAY too fast to be fully functional.  I did a test on my save and using all 8 outputs on a thresher...7 direct to box and 1 to belt, best you can do currently....it's still not even close to getting everything out of a Mk2 thresher for stage 2 plant matter...

My Mk2 drills are like 4000 items/min...like, what?  The thing has 3 ports on it!   What that means about 540 items/min MAX, if you're dumping all 3 direct to storage.   The numbers are just dumb.

Anyway, I get that "core cluster" is "end game", and that "end game" isn't really a true end game right now because the game is still in it's infancy, but it seems like the core cluster stuff is pointless.  Filter stackers would help IMMENSELY, but still, the bonuses are just too much, nothing can keep up.

I would suggest this tech is (temporarily) removed, or maybe just really nerf the percentages maybe?