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[BUG] Filter Inserter don't show (E) to edit the filter on higher levels

Topic starter

After a certain height the filter option does not appear. If I put the filter inserter a view blocks lower then the option shows up again.

I built multiple levels high with power floors.

darquon July 29, 2023 10:53 am

@wolf129 I too have experienced this problem. Is there a reason for it, or is this an unintentional bug that will be fixed at some point?

2 Answers

I'm also having this issue.  I'm not sure if this bug is with the inserter or how it registers your character position.


As a work around, leave a hole in the floor and hover from the floor below.  That allows me to select the inserter and set the filter (which is why I think it might be a character position issue).  I cannot use my hover pack on the same floor that I cannot place filter the inserter for, and I think it's having some weird position calculation issue due to the stalactites that I cleared out.  (just a guess though)

darquon August 28, 2023 7:22 pm

@auto6485 This appears to be fixed entirely now, as I recently checked an extremely highly placed Filter Inserter, and could interact with it just fine.

Scott September 4, 2023 5:27 pm

@auto6485 I just encountered this bug today up towards the roof of the Victor cave where there is a passageway to the limestone wall near the waterfall. Above it, it works correctly, below it, it works correctly. Just in one particular horizontal slice of the rooms volume it doesn't work apart from next to a wall where it does. Strange.

I've also encountered the hoverpack won't hover bug over a tall stack of coveyor belts. There seems to be an issue with the game finding a valid floor.


Pressing E when you're stood underneath the inserter does seem to work. That's mad. And quite inconvenient. lol