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Audio bug

Topic starter

audio gets really static-y randomly, especially common when near machines. Voicelines suffer greatly from this, either light static or extreme static. half the time its clear, then devolves into an inunderstandable mess. seems to have no static problems when I replay the message tho. I play on Xbox one s, and I moved visual settings to medium, which helped until I was 5 hours in. Love the game so far otherwise! Can't wait till 0.1.1 so I can hear my factory.

Kingminos09 Topic starter July 19, 2023 7:54 am

Note:Turning v-sync off reduced static so I can hear my factory. The Mole still sounds broken though and slight static is persistent. Voicelines were also helped by this, but not fixed. Also, edit of my first comment, it was 3 hours in, not 5.

3 Answers

I am playing on Xbox One & also have this problem. Except that after stuttering progressively worsens the audio stops altogether. A few minutes later the game crashes completely. Going to main menu & back into game nor loading a save will restore audio. Once the audio stops a crash is imminent. I will try disabling v-sync though other graphics setting reduction had not helped so far. 

Kidrocybro August 18, 2023 12:51 pm

@insub yep happens to me. Sux be abuse I love the in-game music but have turned it off. Often I am turning on Spotify. Developers please fix the sound for Xbox. It’s a beautiful game but this makes it hard to play long periods.


My audio gets choppy when there are more machines rendered and making noise. Seems like it's related to the overall performance issue when having a lot of machines loaded.


i have same issue when i play 1+ hours , sometimes it freezes the game for seconds make it like it going to crash, i have full AMD PC