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An idea for core composers

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I don't know if these research cores are something you are married to or not. However it seems that based on what they do there really should not be any limit to a composer. It already knows how to build around rocks, so why not make the ceiling the limit for the machine? Let those bastards just pile up and go out and fill the whole cavern with purple balls. At least until there is no more space...

1 Answer

There's definitely some plans to change what and how cores and core composers work! I also love the idea of having the ceiling completely fill up with sparkly purple 😆ย 

Epiktokles August 12, 2023 10:29 am

@cityfires Please enlighten us as soon as possible before the players now aimlessly build halls of Research Core Towers or simply just fill the caves manually only to find out you will need to tear it all down soon.