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A serious proposal on how to build the cores and the conveyor belts

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There is a very popular mod for Satisfactory that completely rewrites the components in the game. Big job but lots of fun to play. In it is a modification to building conveyors that was fairly popular. I think you should go in the same direction. Here is the suggestion.

You have two unique items gained when the conveyor technology is gained and when core technology is gained. You get a Conveyor Belt Segment and a Core Implementor. These core units are used for making Type 1 and Type 2 units. As a result when you move to Type II components you do not use the Type I technology for building. Instead you use more core components. For example:

2 Conveyor Belt Segments + 2 mechanical components = 1 conveyor belt type I. Likewise, 8 conveyor belt segments + the other stuff = Type II. This way a player only needs a large supply of the core component and does not have to build component A to make component B. Thus for a simple Conveyor Belt Segment you use 1 mechanical component + 1 iron component to build the core component. And you can make those quickly. 

Likewise, you make a Core Implementor which uses very little items to make a lot of these, Each core requires a Core Implementor which is the working guts of the core. So purple = 1 and blue = 3 and ? = 5.

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this should not be put in game think about in real life you dont simply double ingredients to make something better in real life when you double ingredients crazy enough all you get is double the output you usually would it makes no sense to do same thing to start with and somehow end up with different result in the real world if you want the final product to be better you usually have to put more work and better starting materials into it not just double        one of the simplist ways to explain this would be food i guess if you use bad food to cook the end product will usually also be bad but if you use high quality ingredients typically the end result is higher quality food            ugh by this logic to build one carriage would take four carriage wheels and some pieces of wood but to build a car would simply take eight carriage wheels and double the wood     now does that make any sense to you